Across the river

Taking a trip to Trentmoult doesn’t make you feel as though you’re going very far. And in truth, you’re not – it’s just across the Loire from the centre of Nantes. A ten-minute ride on the ‘Navibus’ ferry (included in my monthly tram pass, which also gets me bus and train travel – bargain!) dumps you what can only be a few hundred feet up-river from where you boarded, at Gare Maritime, on the other side. You can still see Gare Maritime – it really isn’t that far at all – and yet it feels so separate. A real sense of quiet villageyness rules the place.

There isn’t that much to see, save for some pretty almost-but-not-quite-Balamory-style colourful houses, but it makes a nice spot for an afternoon’s wander followed by lunch at one of the two or three quayside eating options – La Guingette (famed for its tapas and board game tournaments, but equally good at seafood dishes) comes with a recommendation here, and it’s also rated by Lonely Planet as the second best ‘thing to do’ in Nantes. Can’t be all bad.

Save time for a poke around the Indochina-themed Comptoir des Quais little-bit-of-everything shop a little way down the road, back towards the ferry’s landing point. There’s also an organic veg market in the ‘village’ on a Saturday morning.

La Guingette, 20 Quai Marcel Boissard, Trentmoult, Ile Feydeau, Nantes
T: (00 33) 02 40 75 88 96


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